The Influencer Wave

Influencer Marketing is a hybrid of traditional & new-age marketing tools. Its centred around the use of product / service endorsements in a modern-day content-driven marketing approach. Influencer Marketing is focused on an organic collaborative campaign mechanic between brands and influencers. It is now a well established form of digital marketing geared towards motivating buying intention, higher interaction with your brand and ROI on media spend. This is now a crucial addition to your online strategy, particularly in the COVID era.

Brand Awarenss
Highly Measurable
Sales Driven
Builds Credibility

Get The Engagement You Deserve

Tru Blaq has a database of pre vetted Influencers and Content Creators and will go about identifying the most appropriate match for each client campaign. Our agency will then manage the entire process, coordinating all the influencers and ensuring compliance throughout the course of the campaign period through live analytics. We supply all our clients with a post campaign analysis to ensure that agreed upon metrics are met and identify any learnings for future campaigns. We make strategic recommendations regarding social media platform, format, production and proposed roll out & mechanics.

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